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Born in Milan in 1958, she developed a passion for drawing from an early age and got her artistic start through the painter and architect Walter Cuneo. She attended artistic high school at the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Institute. Her higher education took place at the Brera Academy, where she graduated in Painting in 1981. In this period, her professors included Raffaele De Grada, Luigi Veronesi and Aldo Turchiaro.


She developed a personal style initially influenced by Egon Schiele, for the stroke and expressiveness of the bodies, and Honoré Daumier, for the irony, the satirical spirit and the drawing. Later she discovered and studied the art of Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and Varlin, which deeply mark her painting.


She lives and work in Switzerland since 1981, where she teaches painting and drawing in her studio.


1974 - 1977

High School of Art, Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Institute, Milan

1977 - 1981

Brera Academy, Milan


1978          Circolo Culturale Milano democratica, Milan
1979          Galleria La Tavolozza, Lecco

1979          Hotel Traube, Ebnat Kappel
1987          Galleria Arcidesign, Lugano
1991          Casa Rivabella, Magliaso
1993          Sala Comunale Multiuso, Cademario
1995          Centro Civico, Lugano
1997          Casa dei Landfogti, Rivera
1999          UBS, Lugano
2000          Sala Comunale, Magliaso
2002          Sala San Rocco, Lugano
2021          Associazione Lo Sgambetto, Curio

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